two rivers

If a memorable shopping experience is what you are looking for coupled with a refreshing, serene ambiance away from the hustle and bustle of town, Two Rivers Mall is the place to be and to be seen. Nestled in the affluent suburbs of Ruaka, the imposing structure overlooks the plush neighborhoods of Runda and Gigiri and dwarfs all the malls by far. It opened its doors to the public on February 14th in style, with its opening marked by the presence of the president and the who’s who in town, creating much anticipated hype.  And So, a couple of weekends ago, driven by my voracious desire of adventure, I made my maiden visit the biggest Mall in Sub Saharan Africa. And to make the occasion exciting, a friend of mine tagged along. A vivacious, gorgeous chocolate lady all glammed up and exuding excitement. it was a bright day, save for the relentless sun that was beating down punishingly on the humid city.

The entrance is breathtaking, replete with colorful billboards and ahead of us the imposing Mall stood tall, kissing the sky. As we snaked along the driveway, we couldn’t help but soak in its opulence & grandeur. The parking lot is so expansive that our cab guy got lost, but thanks to the polite security guard who came to our rescue; something the management should consider & put up signs for directions. Security here is top notch with state of the art infra-red scanners and a whole cornucopia of detectors, which left me guaranteed of my security. Inside was a maze, a buzzing beehive of shoppers full of life and warmth and human richness. Every floor was effervescent with scores of people going about their shopping or simply taking a stroll and enjoying the moment taking endless selfies.

Two rivers is home to a diverse mix of both local and international brands such as the Turkish luxury Fashion line, LC Waikiki, Nike, Woolworths, Levis, Adidas, Swarovski, Hugo Boss and the French giant Supermarket Carrefour, to mention just but a few. Local brands include Chandarana, FoodPlus and Nove Coffee Roasters where we decided to settle for some soothing milkshake Sheltered from the baking sun outside, and the cool therapeutic breeze wafting by. For a moment, I felt relieved of my burdens. The atmosphere is so calming you don’t feel like leaving. Its an ideal hang out joint for families especially during the weekend but caution should be taken with small kids lest they wander around and get lost.

And just when I thought I had enough for the day, a sweet tragedy happened. Upon dropping my friend in town, I discovered I was minus my phone!! I was so panic stricken and in disbelief as to how perfect day suddenly came to a sad ending. Still not processing the harsh reality that I had lost my phone, I rushed to the nearest Safaricom shop to block my line. But I first decided to dial my number using the agent’s cellphone which she gladly accepted and to my astonishment someone on the other end picked up the line! It was a security guard from the mall. It was a huge sigh of relief. We talked for a moment and he assured me that he would send it to town via the cab guy who ferried us and whose registration number I had subconsciously noted before we boarded. And true to his word, after a long 30 minutes, the cab guy cheerfully drooped in town and handed me the phone. I can only describe it as a miracle.

At two rivers, they don’t sell products, they sell unforgettable user experience.

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