Curtains closed on what was coined as the dreariest month of the year. A month that brought with it bouts of financial strain and scarcity after hedonistic indulgence from Decembers’ festivities. For me It felt like laboring through a marathon race, under the punishing sun of financial responsibilities; rivulets of sweat trickling down my face, my lungs boiling and my tired limbs almost buckling to pressure and demands of the workplace. On another note, it was another month that marked the culmination of my evening classes, and what a challenge that was! I salute all the mothers who make time for classes after a busy day’s work and still go home and perform house chores. I believe they possess super-human abilities. Superhuman because by the time you get home from those classes, your limbs, mind and soul are dog tired. So much that you immediately collapse in your sofa, promise yourself that you’ll sleep for 20 minutes to replenish your energy and 5 minutes later its 5:00am in the morning. Yet again you get up & report to work feeling morbid and fed up with life. And the vicious cycle goes on and on. Hats off to those who have trudged along this path.

So how are your resolutions coming along? Have you started working on your 2017 goals? Do they seem too hard a nut to crack? Do you feel like throwing in the towel? The year is still too young to start entertaining such thoughts. How about you begin doing things differently this time round. Like breaking down your resolutions to small achievable goals. You want to buy a car or upgrade to a better neighborhood? How about you start saving a part of your income in a SACCO or a fixed deposit account with attractive interest rates. You want to lose 30 pounds and stay in good shape? Start setting weekly targets for yourself and shed at least a pound or two. You long for a soul mate? Get out more often, attend parties and functions. The secret in accomplishing your goals lies in achieving those small successes that eventually lead you to achieving the main goal. A goal broken down into small goals over time becomes easier to achieve. This is a postulate successful people have mastered.

And speaking of success, are you standing in your way of progress and fulfillment? Are you getting snug & cozy in that cocoon called the comfort zone? Launch out and take a risk. Do something that gives you an adrenaline rush. Something out of your everyday January to December mundane routine. Take a chance and you might discover the other side is much greener than you thought. Take a bold step today .
Resist the temptation of procrastination. sometimes you get drab tasks to accomplish and it feels great putting them off to a later date but that only sets off a pile of backlog that comes to haunts you. Endeavor to get things done within the shortest time possible.

Develop a hobby outside your normal routine. Have something exciting to do after working hours. Something you always look forward to after working hours or during the weekend. Start reading a book, learn a new recipe, learn a foreign language or enroll for gym lessons.
As the ‘month of love’ rolls out, remember to do something exceptional for your partner. Suit up in a nice tuxedo , Take her out to a nice cozy restaurant, and order an exquisite dinner for her . Make her feel special and surprise her with a gift outside the norm. For those of us still single, let’s turn up for voter registration.

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