Spare a thought for the down trodden as we usher 2019


spare a thought for someone

As another year ebbs away, it’s time to take stock and reflect. To some, 2018 has been a bed of roses. For some, it’s been a tortuous journey full of numerous pitfalls and challenges. But whatever the niceties or the curve balls that 2018 flung your way, a new year always comes with the promise of new hope. Hope for a fresh start and getting things right.

Many will be making merry with family and friends as they usher the New Year at home, church or various entertainment joints. As we do so, let’s not forget to spare a thought for those not fortunate enough to be together with their family. Let’s spare a thought for those from less privileged families; those who barely have much to celebrate because of the cloud of uncertainty that lies ahead. The uncertainty of where they are going to get their next meal and how their kids’ school fees will be paid. Let’s spare a thought for those in hospital beds. Lets’ spare a thought for those who lost their loved ones. I was gutted when I learned about the untimely demise of my Campus friend through a tragic road, but perhaps the most disconcerting thing is that we had always planned to meet up over a cup of tea or coffee, but we kept postponing. We got too busy and as fate would have it, the catch up was never to be. And what I learned is that we should endeavor to make time for your friends. Call them and make a point to check on them. Grab a beer and make cheer. Rest In Peace Johnny.

Perhaps the biggest milestone of 2018 is turning 30! I could hardly believe it. It’s as though I went to bed at 20 and woke up 5 minutes later a 30-year-old person. Yet staring at the mirror, I look like I’ve just stepped out of college. Sometimes I suspect foul play in my birth certificate. Where did all the time go?

Turning a decade older has taught me a few things in my twenties. Some which I regretted not doing earlier. Like saving right from when I got my first job. It has also taught me not to be too selective when choosing jobs, and this propelled me to greater heights having at some point worked at a Company where the salary was just enough for paying rent and transport alone. Sure enough, things took a turn for the better and I managed to get decent jobs along the way until I decided to venture into entrepreneurship.

In your 20s you never quite think you’ll get to thirty, and so the urge to live a carefree, hedonistic life can be overpowering. Many sail with the YOLO ship and indulge all they can. But here’s the truth, the 20s are your most productive years. These are the years that can make or break you. If you are in your 20s and are reading this, use your time wisely. Finish college / Campus. Get a job. Save and invest. Do everything in your power to make your life worthwhile. Nurture your mind; Read books and watch less TV.

This time around, I have decided to make monthly New year resolutions, given my poor records of achieving them the years past. I have set resolutions for January. When January ends, it will be another time to take stock and see where I succeeded and what need to be done where I fell short of my expectations. Then February and March and so on. I cannot wait to see how that pans out.

As the clock ticks away, I want to wish you a spanking New 2019!

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