Pambazuka National Lottery

Inside her single room dwelling at Satellite area, she sits anxiously at her bed, elbows resting on her laps, her palms supporting her sullen face and teary eyes fixated on one spot on the floor, deep in introspection. It’s a bright sunny afternoon, but inside it’s dark. A tree deviously grows next to her window obscuring rays of light, perhaps a reflection of how unfair life has been. Like many women in informal settlements, Caroline  has known enough hardships. Struggle is her second name. She is the sole breadwinner in her home. She ekes out a living by doing menial jobs – doing laundry from door to door or just anything that her hands can do to bring home the bacon. Her husband has been jobless for two years. She bears the burden of bringing up their two children alone. Her mother is ailing. Money is never enough. But she’s a hardworking woman. She wakes up at the crack of dawn to fend for her family. She’s the kind of woman society needs. But money is barely enough especially with everyone looking up to you. Nevertheless, she trudges along stoically despite the various barbs life throws her way. She prays fervently that one day the tide will turn in her favor that her problems will fade into distant memories.

One day she hears of Pambazuka National Lottery. It’s a lottery geared towards giving back to the society by selling numbered tickets that give one a chance to be a winner of 100 Million shillings and other smaller cash prizes. She cannot imagine how it would feel like to win such an amount. She’s doubtful at first but her intuition urges her on. She purchases a ticket and days later gets a call later to attend a live show at their studio. As destiny would have it, She’s picked up by a sultry show hostess and part of her involvement is to get into a money blower machine and collect as much money as she can. She thinks about the problems at home. She thinks about the struggle of paying rent, food and other basic commodities. Her heart races. She holds her breathe and the blower is turned on. For 20 seconds she scrambles for the elusive money whirling in the blower machine in a frenzy. She scoops a staggering Kshs 16,000. To a middle class person who frequents Tamasha and watches movies at Imax, 16,000 may not mean much. But to Caroline, it’s enough to start a business. She can start a grocery shop . She can embark on cooking and selling mandazi and tea. She can boost her income and elevate the status of her family.

Pambazuka National Lottery is a lottery geared towards giving back to the society through numerous CSR activities. It has spread its wings to all 47 counties in the country with an objective in improving post-natal health care. When you purchase a Pambazuka lottery ticket, you not only stand a chance to win big in the cash prizes , but you also make a significant a change in an infant’s life.You put a smile on a mother’s face. You ensure that an infant stands a chance in life. You give mothers across the country hope. So grab your ticket today and make a change.

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