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It’s that time of the year and office rumor has it that the Company is organizing a party to wrap up the year in style. You are ecstatic and can’t wait to turn up and flaunt the latest apparel and strut those heels you splurged on. You’ve toiled all year long and what a better way to blow off steam and exhale than attending the much-anticipated party.

So how do you make the best of the moment and steer clear of office party goofs? Here are some tips

  1.  Attend the party

Firstly, make your appearance. Do not pass up the invitation, unless you have a  valid reason to do so. Your bosses spent a lot of time & resources budgeting for the party and it would come off as rude to skip the occasion.  And be punctual as that will show your eagerness for the occasion.


2. Stick to the dress code

Abide by the dress code specified. If it’s a black and white cocktail party don’t turn up in jeans. If in doubt about the dress code, ask. You do not want to be the black sheep in such an event. Dress modestly and refrain from showing too much skin. Do not overdo it either as you’ll end up looking like a brightly lit Christmas tree. Black, white, brown, grey and Red hues are recommended.


3. Hold Meaningful conversations

An office party accords you an opportunity to interact with colleagues and seniors whom you haven’t had the luxury of time to mingle with. Don’t stay nestled at the far corner lost in the excitement of the moment. Get up, extend a firm handshake to someone and look them in the eye. Have a word or two and compliment them. Engage in a light chitchat with your bosses and let some of their vast knowledge rub off on you. Seek counsel in an area or two that you think you didn’t perform so well and pitch in your two cents on how the Company can scale greater heights. Let them see your fervor and passion. It could be a precursor for your promotion next year


 4. Drink & dance in moderation

This is an area where many stumble . An office party is not a platform to sample all alcoholic drinks available and showcase your dance moves – often weird – to all and sundry. It’s still a formal occasion and you do not want to disenchant your seniors. You’ll be held accountable for your conduct. Let it not be a ticket to getting a warning or dismissal letter. If you are not a whiskey guy, stick to beer. If you are a wine girl, refrain from amber colored drinks. It’ll save you a lot of embarrassment. We don’t want you wobbling all over, knocking things down or worse still starting brawls. If you must indulge in alcohol, do so with modesty and decorum. You’ll thank me later.


 5. Keep your hands to yourself

I attended an office party once and as the night wore on and people became light headed and mellow, I couldn’t help noticing a particular couple getting cozy and a bit too touchy. At some point, they got up to the music and the lady started gyrating with her derriere pressed hard against the man’s groin and suddenly, to everyone’s horror, they turned facing each other and began making out! Oblivious to them, the HR Manager was only an arm’s stretch away, perplexed at the mortifying scene. It took the intervention of a few colleagues to usher them outside before the situation could escalate further. Your guess is right on whether they retained their jobs or not. Ladies and gentlemen, .an office party is not a night club where anything goes! Be modest in the way you interact with others. Avoid frolicking with the opposite sex. Keep your hands to yourself. You don’t want photos of you  getting naughty doing rounds on social media.  And again, I’ll reiterate, go slow on the bottle.


Finally, don’t drink and drive. Ensure you make arrangements to get home on time; call a cab or arrange for someone to pick you up.

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