Once upon a time you were jobless and dejected. Your wallet was empty and your self-worth plummeted. You hated life. After four years in Campus, your hard work had not amounted to anything. The excitement of graduating long faded and in its place was frustration and misery. You went through your graduation photos, grinning from ear to ear in that oversized black gown and felt cheated. You cursed your lecturers for planting seeds of empty hope. Your Degree papers still gathered dust in the suitcase and hope faded as countless job applications went without a reply; not even a damn regret letter! People made promises of linking you with a nice job. But they all vanished like the morning fog. Along the way, most of your buddies got employed and left you playing catch up. You morphed into a potato couch watching movies because that was the only thing to do and the only thing that didn’t require money. And after you got tired you’d stuff yourself with junk and sleep the entire afternoon. And then wake up and watch more movies – and the vicious cycle would repeat itself for an eternity. Your life became a dreadful, tedious routine. You grew fat, became more irritable and depressed. Your parents prayed for you. Your pastor prayed prayed for you. Everyone prayed for you. And The Almighty answered their prayers.

It’s been four years now. You hold a nice job, stay in a nice apartment & probably drive. You look polished and well adjusted. Everyone admires your style of dressing and envies your lifestyle. You are a sharp contrast of who you used to be before the tide turned in your favor. You look successful, except for one thing; you never seem content enough with what life has handed you. You start whining about how demanding your job is, how unrealistic your boss’ expectations are and that colleague whom you seem to perpetually cross paths with. You start bitching about working long hours sometimes during the weekend. You start coming late for work and leaving early.
Your sweetie is no longer good enough for you. She looks funny. And ‘tired’. Suddenly she has lost her allure and charm. Her sense of dressing sucks, she looks pudgy. She’s not classy anymore. She’s way below your league, you tell yourself. Soon, you develop a roving eye, checking out any skirt that passes by and hang out with any Jane and Alice. One day you come up with a fake ass excuse and break up with your missus. You crush her feelings and toss her out of your life like a piece of dirty, old rag. Enters Delilah. She entices you with her deceptive charm. She mesmerizes you with her long tapered legs and erotic curves. You are at her beck and call. You splurge on her: from expensive gifts to exotic weekend trips.

Your world revolves around her. You stop keeping in touch and meeting up with your buddies. Your parents stop hearing from you: you rarely pick their calls. You hardly visit them anymore. Church takes a back seat, after all you seem to be doing great, don’t you?

One morning you check into the office, late as usual and logon to your Laptop and check your email. You shake your head, still speechless, still unable to believe what you’ve just seen in the mailbox. Yes, you’ve been summarily dismissed. You wish it was a terrible dream that you’ll wake up from but the reality hits you like a deer caught in the headlights. Dark clouds gather and a storm begins to build ahead. Your ‘queen’ feigns concern and assures you that all will be well, but after a few months she scampers for the hills leaving you out in the rain, cold and broke. You turn to the bottle to drown your sorrows and frustrations. It becomes a daily affair and soon realize that you cannot function without the drink. You lose weight, respect and dignity. You become a shadow of yourself. One night as you leave your joint in your Subaru cruising at a devil’s speed, you lose control trying to negotiate a sharp bend. You careen off the highway and the car is thrown into a ditch; reduced to a mangled wreck. You are rushed to hospital where doctors frantically rush to save your life. The next time you open your eyes, you find yourself in bed, badly injured with an IV drip in your arm, a plaster in your right leg, tubes and beeping machines all around you. You are heavily bandaged and your body feels like it has been tossed in a hornet’s nest. The pain is excruciating. As you lie deathly in your bed, your life plays in your mind. It all seems like a bad dream. Everything was working out well, then in a twinkling of an eye, you lost everything you worked for.
So when did the rain start beating you?

Things went downhill the moment you forgot where you came from. You dug yourself a hole when you started taking things for granted and gave a cold shoulder to your loved ones. Your ego took over and made you forget your humble beginnings.

Life is a seesaw. One moment everything is going so well, the next moment, you are falling into an abyss. No one ever knows what will happen next. The best thing you can do is to treat everyone with dignity irrespective of your current status. When you get to the top, look back where you came from. Appreciate those who held your hand on your way up.

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