Keep your head up, no matter the challenge

Keep your head up

In a few days’ time, the city of Madrid will spring to life as Liverpool once again make it to the UEFA Champions League Finals in a row, seeking to prove that they are the best club in Europe. It will be history in the making as the 2 English clubs- Liverpool and Tottenham- clash in an epic battle for the most prestigious trophy in Europe. Tottenham look forward to winning their first ever Champions League trophy while Liverpool yet again returns to the arena, keen to erase memories of defeat by Real Madrid in 2018’s Final and hold aloft the most coveted trophy.

But perhaps the most scintillating spectacle was Liverpool’s jaw-dropping performance at the semi-finals. If anyone would have suggested that Liverpool had the remotest chance of winning and making it to the final, I’d have called their bluff. But against all odds, Liverpool rose from the ashes like the proverbial Phoenix and registered an awe inspiring 4 – 0 victory at home against Barcelona! At the final whistle, Barcelona could hardly believe the horror that unfolded as Liverpool booked their ticket to the final.

In many ways, it’s almost as if football seeks to impart some life lessons on humanity. Looking at the semi-final triumph against the Spanish giants a few lessons can be drawn:

Always keep your head up

It would have been easy to write off Liverpool after the first leg and give Barcelona a direct ticket to the Finals. To be honest, I did that too. I never saw any possibility of Liverpool ever getting back in the game. However, the Liverpool players had other ideas. Despite their defeat, they shook off their loss and stepped into the pitch with nothing more than determination and optimism and proved everybody wrong at the final blow of the whistle. They put all their energy into winning the game and cruising to the Finals and put aside their past loss. This got me thinking about people’s reactions to life’s setbacks. Do you sit all day in your couch or bed wallowing in sadness and complaining of how life has been unfair” Or do you get up, shake off your disappointment and go at it with a positive attitude? No matter the obstacle you are facing in life, always chin up!

You can still succeed in life even with the little you have

During their return leg at home, Liverpool went int without their key strikers who picked up injuries in the first leg. Among them were the Magical Mohammed Salah and Roberto Firmino who have been instrumental in the club’s numerous victories this season and more especially, their journey to the top in the Champions League Final. Their absence, however, did not deter them from putting their best foot forward and flooring their opponents. No Salah and Firmino? Not a problem! Liverpool simply went back to the drawing board and produced a formidable team that went on to make history in the Champions League Semi-final. You don’t have to have it all to get things done. Sometimes, it’s the little you have that will propel you to greatness.

Never underestimate your rival even when he’s fallen.

After their 3 – 0 win against Liverpool in their first leg, Barcelona slid into a false sense of security. Their victory lulled them into a comfort zone and had them thinking that they were on their flight to the finals. What’s more, is that key players would not turn up. The odds were strongly stacked Surely, they wouldn’t come back and pull a 4 -0 Would they? We all know the answer to that. Against all odds, Liverpool displayed a stunning comeback that sent Barcelona crashing out of the Champions League.

Lesson? Never underestimate your opponent. In fact, never underestimate anyone in this life as long as blood is flowing in their veins. The moment you underrate your opponent, you make yourself susceptible. Always assume that your opponent is the smartest, cunning and most calculating being alive. This will keep you on your toes!

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