DreamBean House

Monday evening finds you slouched at your office seat, profound in thought. It’s 6:30 pm. You’ve had a dreadful day at work – numerous projects, limited time and crazy deadlines to beat. Your boss has been barking orders & piling immense pressure. Your efforts often pass unnoticed and all He does is point at your inadequacies. Life is so unfair, you say to yourself. You feel downcast and promise yourself that one day you’ll give him a piece of your mind and call it a day! You’ve spotted a forlorn face all day. You’re bone tired. All you need is to get home fast and collapse in the sofa. With a great deal of effort, you lumber out of the office & as you take a stroll in the upmarket streets of Nairobi’s CBD, your attention is captured by a boldly lit and tastefully embellished restaurant. The magnificent sight of its carefully chosen interior décor coupled with impeccable lighting takes your breath away. Behind the glass wall are patrons chatting away animatedly in their cushy leather seats enjoying their meals & drinks. Jolly folks. Their genial demeanor is a far cry from yours. Outside is a patio occupied by business executives discussing politics, laying strategies and closing deals. You remain fixated and marvel at the spectacular delicatessen. Its overpowering allure draws you closer & like a moth drawn to a fireplace, you find yourself at the entrance. A bubbly and charming waitress flashes a cordial smile & courteously ushers you to a seat. The tranquil aura and soft music sets you in the mood for the evening. Your problems are forgotten and you feel alive again. Welcome to DreamBean House Restaurant.

Located at Nairobi’s upmarket Kaunda Street, DreamBean House oozes style and elegance. Warm & Modest lighting offers a jolt of energy & creativity. Bold abstract wall paintings jazz up the atmosphere and add an air of lush sophistication. Warm earth tones on the walls echo the remarkable cushy leather seats and ceramic floor covering. Ample space and good ventilation score highly. Upstairs, more patrons are seated jovially enjoying the sunset. You cannot recall the last time you’ve felt this comfortable and relaxed & thank the Heavens for guiding you here.


Hot beverages, pastries and desserts are the main courses here. On this occasion I crave for a cup of house coffee and a Red Velvet Cake. You can spot a few souls reading their books and others making the most of the fast WI FI internet connectivity. The menu is quite extensive; full breakfast, smoothies, ice cream and main dishes such barbequed chicken, lamb chops & grilled fish fillet. Oh and milkshake. My missus loves milkshakes. Her eyes light up at the mere thought of a chocolate milkshake. She begs and the following day I return with her in tow. I settle for fresh fruit juice & seared fillet mignon with creamed peppercorns. She goes for her favorite chocolate milkshake and downs it with incredible pace. As we leave, her face beams with pure delight. Gentlemen, this weekend treat your other half to this amazing eatery. You cannot go wrong on this one. Thank me later.

Service                                    7/10
Taste & Quality of food       8/10
Ambiance                               7/10
Aesthetic Appeal                  8/10


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